Our Customers

Over the past years tsM vof has built up a substantial portfolio of customers operating in the ornamental plant cultivation sector. These customers include garden centres, wholesale centres and importers in the Netherlands and other countries, exporters in Italy and retail chains in Germany. For these customers, transport of partial and full-load consignments as well as campaign-based transports are arranged.

In Italy, tsM vof is active particularly in the Lago Maggiore, Albenga, Pistoia, Latina and Puglia areas and in Sicily. Most of our operations take place from Albenga.

The main markets are Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and Great Britain.

The most significant market is Germany. To a number of major German customers we provide a total package of transports from Italy. These transports vary from a few cc per order to campaign-based deliveries to stores or distribution centres throughout Germany. In the spring a number of trucks depart from Albenga on a daily basis. Every day trucks carrying groupage consignments depart for various destinations in Europe. We handle orders from 2 cc to full trucks for our customers.

tsM vof has its own stock of Danish containers, which are registered in a modern container tracking system. All growers and consignees are regularly informed about their balances, by email or fax. To the exporters/growers in Albenga, tsM offers a continuous balance throughout the season.